At Gossops Green the promotion of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is of utmost importance to us – and we lead by example. We believe that outstanding SMSC helps to form reflective, resilient, healthy and well-rounded learners. We strive to give our pupils the aspiration and confidence to participate, engage, appreciate and take fascination in the world of opportunities around them. Our desire is for them to recognise that being good citizens will enrich their lives. We seek to nurture individuals for whom good citizenship comes naturally and bears good fruit.

SMSC can be explicitly seen through our PSHE and SRE curriculum. In addition, you will find SMSC embroidered throughout our whole school ethos including: the behaviour policy – through which children learn to take responsibility and reflect on actions and consequences; School Council – a thriving platform for Pupil Voice within the school; Citizenship Squad – a group specifically tailored to identifying and promoting British Values and SMSC opportunities as well as looking at pupil to pupil safeguarding; Eco Warriors – a team of children who take responsibility for ecological issues within classes and around the school; the RE curriculum – through which diversity is celebrated, questions are encouraged and children are informed about different beliefs and views; Good Citizen Award – a weekly celebration of those who have demonstrated values through action; sports tournaments – organised by our specialist PE teachers when children are given the chance to engage and compete on a wider playing field. We also run many and varied arts, social and sports clubs at Gossops Green. The list is not exhaustive and the landscape of available experiences is always changing.

Our updated PSHCE curriculum comes from the ‘PSHCE Association’. Children are taught in a variety of ways within their classes and year group teams.

The three main strands covered are:

* relationships

* health and wellbeing

* living in the wider world

Following the tried and tested scheme of work ensures progression across year groups. Teachers will also tailor the scheme to suit the changing needs of their own pupils at different times during the academic year. As well as lessons from our own teachers, we take opportunities to engage with outside agencies such as ‘WE Charity’ (input on British Values, communication and Pupil Voice) and ‘Santander’ (Money Wise Course) as well as many others.