Wellbeing and Nurture

At Gossops Green, the promotion of pupil and staff wellbeing is of utmost importance to us. We believe that outstanding wellbeing helps to form reflective, resilient, healthy and well-rounded learners. We seek to nurture individuals and to give our pupils the aspiration and confidence to participate, engage, appreciate and take fascination in the world of opportunities around them. Our desire is for them to recognise that being good citizens will enrich their lives. 

Our Nurture Provision

Our Nurture Team is an invaluable resource at Gossops Green. We are lucky to have highly-trained and dedicated members of the team; Mrs Browne, Mrs Bosher and Miss Plumtree, who provide a welcoming, safe environment where children can explore their emotional and social wellbeing, learn about themselves, develop and grow.


      Mrs Browne                 Mrs Bosher           Miss Plumtree 


Our Nurture Team works with individual children or small groups to address socialisation issues that are common in some primary school children. Their sessions are fun and informative, using activities and resources designed to motivate, engage and support the children. Children are referred to the Nurture Team for a number of reasons including: emotional wellbeing, life skills, behaviour, anger management, learning skills, self esteem, bereavement support, friendships, cooperation, social skills, independent thinking, transition between year groups or to secondary school.

The Nurture Team are also available to support children on the playground during lunch time and at the start of the school day, where they are always available on the KS2 playground. They run a ‘Time to Talk’ session for Key Stage 2 children on a Thursday lunchtime, where children can come to talk about issues which are affecting them. The Nurture Team also offer support and advice to parents and members of the school staff. 

We are continually developing our Nurture resources and have a calming sensory room for children, a sensory garden next to the Key Stage 2 playground and several Nurture rooms, where children can go if they need support. We also have a dedicated Wellbeing Policy, which can be found HERE


Wellbeing and nurture can also be explicitly seen through our PSHE and RSE curriculum. In addition, you will find Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development embroidered throughout our whole school ethos including:

  • A highly inclusive curriculum
  • The behaviour policy, through which children learn to take responsibility and reflect on actions and consequences
  • The RE curriculum, through which diversity is celebrated, questions are encouraged and children are informed about different beliefs and views
  • Star Learner Award – a weekly celebration of those who have demonstrated a good attitude to their learning
  • Good Citizen Award – a celebration of those who have demonstrated British Values through their actions
  • Sports tournaments, where children are given the chance to engage and compete on a wider playing field
  • Support staff trained in mentoring and supporting children with their wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem.
  • Opportunities for children to commit to areas of responsibilities (see below)
  • Mindfulness Mealtimes and Positive Playtimes -see Lunchtime | Gossops Green Primary School


Pupil Voice

Our children have a range of opportunities to support each other and contribute to the life of the school. These increase as the children move from Key Stage 1 into Key Stage 2. Below are some of the opportunities that our children can volunteer for, often giving up their own time to help others.  

Change Champions

Gossops Green places huge emphasis on the fundamental British Value of democracy and fully believes that pupils should have an active say in  how their school is run. We have a very active and well established Change Champions’ group, who are a group of pupils from Year 2 to Year 6, who represent the views of all pupils and work to improve the school. The Change Champions meet regularly and share ideas from their peers that have been put forward during class councils. Mindfulness Mealtimes and Positive Playtimes are just two of the initiatives that have been introduced following suggestions from the Change Champions. 

House Captains

Every child in the school is allocated to a House – Emerald (green), Ruby (red), Sapphire (blue) or Topaz (yellow). Pupils earn house points which are tallied up each week and the winning house is announced in Assembly. Houses also compete against each other on Sports Day. Each house has a House Captain and a Vice-Captain, who are voted in by the children, and six prefects.


Every year, Year 6 pupils volunteer for a range of prefect roles across the school, teaching them about responsibility and collaboration. There are 6 Prefects from each of our 4 houses.

Mental Health Ambassadors

Gossops Green is one of the first primary schools  in West Sussex to work alongside the local Mental Health Support Team in empowering our own Year 5 pupils to support the mental wellbeing of their peers every lunchtime.  A specially trained group of children are at hand to listen, be a friendly face and to offer suggestions and advice to make lunchtimes a positive experience for all children.  They work under the mentorship of our Learning Mentors in our Nurture Team.

Reading Ambassadors

Each class in EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 have a Reading Ambassador who is a child in Year 4 or 5, who will support them with reading with the younger children, ensuring their reading areas are looking inviting and encouraging reading for pleasure. 


Year 6 children volunteer to become Sports Crew, supporting other children in their play during lunchtimes.

Song Leaders

Year 6 chour members take on the role of Song Leaders to lead the Singing Playgrounds initiative on the KS1 and EYFS playgrounds. Singing Playgrounds is a whole-school primary school programme with child-led singing play at its heart. The song leader’s role is to lead, share and adapt singing -play together, which will in turn boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. We started this project last year and it was very successful alongside our positive playtime initiative on the KS1 playground.