Below is a glossary of the most used SEND terms.

Access Arrangements

Special arrangements to allow pupils with SEND to access assessments or exams

Annual Review

An annual meeting to review the provision in a pupil’s EHCP

Area of Need

The 4 areas of need describe different types of needs a pupil with SEND can have. The 4 areas are communication and interaction; cognition and learning; physical and/or sensory; and social, emotional and mental health needs.


Attention Deficit Disorder


Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder


Autistic Spectrum Disorder


Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

Code of Practice

The statutory guidance that schools must follow to support children with SEND

Early Help Plan

Early support given to families when a problem first emerges

Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

A legally-binding document that sets out a child’s needs and the provision that will be put in place to meet their needs.

Educational Psychologist

A trained psychologist and registered health professional who specialises in child development

Education Welfare Officer (EWO)

A professional who supports children and families with school attendance


Emotional Learning Support Assistant

Family Support Worker (FSW)

A professional who supports families on an Early Help Plan

Graduated Approach

An approach to providing SEN support in which the school provides support in successive cycles of assessing the pupil’s needs, planning the provision, implementing the plan, and reviewing the impact of the action on the pupil

Individual Behaviour Plan (IBP)

A document outlining support and targets for children receiving SEND support for behavioural reasons

Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

A document outlining educational support and targets for children receiving SEND support for academic reasons


A short-term, targeted approach to teaching a pupil with a specific outcome in mind 

Local Offer

Information provided by the local authority which explains what services and support are on offer for pupils with SEN in the local area


Key Stage 1 – School Years 1 and 2


Key Stage 2 – School Years 3, 4, 5 and 6


Nuffield Early Language Intervention

Personal Education Plan (PEP)

A document outlining educational support for looked-after children

Pastoral Support Programme (PSP)

A school-based intervention designed to support children who are at risk of permanent exclusion

Reasonable Adjustments

Changes that the school must make to remove or reduce any disadvantages caused by a child’s disability or SEN  


Read, Write, Inc (Phonics programme)


Speech and Language Therapy


Social, Emotional and Mental Health


Special Educational Needs


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

SEND Register

A list of children in the school who have been identified as having a Special Educational Need or Disability

SEND Support

Special Educational provision which meets the needs of pupils with SEND


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator


Teaching Assistant


When a pupil moves between years, phases, schools or institutions