SEND Information

Exceptional Education for ALL

SEND pupils are integrated into classes with the support of Mrs N Bracknell, the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (ENDCO), who is available for advice or to discuss any concerns that parents may have – please phone the school to request an appointment. Our highly skilled teachers and teaching assistants adapt the curriculum to meet individual pupil’s needs. Support may take the form of differentiated classroom activities, individual or small group support in or out of the classroom, specialist help from the SENDCO or other SEND specialists and/or specialist help provided through external agents such as educational psychologists and speech and language therapists. The governor with responsibility for ensuring that Special Needs regulations are met is Mr P Marshman. 

Support for ALL

Pupils with specific learning or behaviour needs may be given an Individual Learning Plan (ILP), a Positive Behaviour Plan (PBP) or an Individual Behaviour Plan (IBP) as appropriate. These plans are reviewed at least once a term.  Currently, the school meets all the accessibility criteria for our current group of children and we have an Accessibility Plan to improve this in the coming years. The full text of this is available from the school upon request.


Parental Involvement

All parents are kept informed of their child’s progress through regular ‘Structured Conversations’ with class teachers. In addition, parents of children with SEND are fully involved in decisions regarding assessments and advised strategies for their child and are always invited to meetings with outside agencies when their child is discussed. 

Nurture Team

Pupils may have barriers to learning caused by social and emotional needs such as poor self-esteem, anger management problems, social and communication difficulties, emotional problems, friendship difficulties, bereavement or difficulties at home. In such cases, they may be referred to our Nurture Team, Mrs J Browne, Mrs C Cooper and Mrs E Bradbury, who aim to re-engage pupils in their learning.  Our Nurture Team works both with the child and his/her carers as active listeners and encouragers.  The aim is to meet the needs of the individual child by having targets, action plans and strategies to help the child progress. Children may be supported on a one to one or within small groups, both in and out of the classroom. Our Nurture Team also run a ‘Time to Talk’ drop in session every Friday lunchtime. Where appropriate, the team works alongside other agencies.

Additional Information

Additional  information and advice  for parents and carers who have a child with Special Educational Needs  can be obtained from the Information, Advice and Support Service (SEND IAS), formerly known as Parent Partnership.