A warm welcome to Gossops Green Primary; we are very pleased that you have chosen our wonderful school for your child and feel privileged that as parents and carers you have placed your trust in us to educate, nurture and develop your child.

Ofsted commented that Gossops Green ‘has a family atmosphere…and staff know their pupils well and look after them carefully’ and it is true that above all else, this is a happy school where children feel valued, listened to and safe. We all know that a happy child will go on to thrive in their education and so at Gossops Green we value the whole child and develop their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing, alongside their academic learning. In essence, we want the same things for your child as we would want for our own and your child becomes our child, with every lesson, experience, conversation and playtime having this ethos at its heart.

Our creative and challenging curriculum is planned around topics which spark children’s interest and make them excited to learn new skills and knowledge. We build in many memorable experiences to bring learning alive and meaningful for our children. Indeed, our fantastic Year 6’s reminisce fondly about the many experiences they have had during their time at Gossops Green when they leave us as confident, resilient, and fulfilled learners, ready for secondary school.

Central to our approach to learning at Gossops Green, is our belief in the importance of reading. There are no limits to what a child can achieve if they can read and we are proud that Ofsted described our teachers as ‘experts’ in this essential, life-enhancing skill. We work in partnership with our supportive parents and carers to ensure that every child is a confident and fluent reader, able to access all learning and achieve to their best potential.

We also teach our children to be considerate and care for their school, their community, and for one another. Gossops Green children learn that they have to power to make the world a fairer, kinder place and they are nurtured to develop confidence, to articulate their ideas and to be proud of who they are.

We look forward to meeting you and your child and working in partnership to ensure that your trust in us is rewarded with a happy, fulfilled child set firmly on the path to success as a life-long learner.

Best wishes

Mrs S Dunne