Our Curriculum

Excellent communication is at the heart of everything we do. At Gossops Green Primary School, we believe that communication is the KEY to unlocking the potential for every learner to be successful. 

Our curriculum is driven by four key themes, which we believe unlock the potential that all children at Gossops Green possess. Please scroll down to find out more. 

Spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing 


Effective communication supports our children to hear and see that they are valued and important. Our children are enabled to express their feelings, beliefs, show empathy and be aware of their own physical and emotional well-being.

Knowledge, skills and understanding

Our children will become confident communicators who aspire to read widely, develop maths fluency and are able to articulate their knowledge across a wide range of subjects. In an ever-changing world our children will understand and use digital platforms with sensitivity, intelligence and full awareness of technology’s power to enhance communication.

Belonging – local and global

Our children learn that good communicators develop an appreciation of others; their needs, beliefs, values and cultures. This empowers them to challenge stereotypes, bias and discrimination. Our children learn to understand the ways in which communication can be used to contribute positively to the local and wider community.

Lifelong Learners

Communication is the gateway to learning, academic achievement and success beyond school and into adulthood. Our children learn to be critical thinkers and develop a life-long love of learning.