Learning at its most ambitious: our Gossops Green Curriculum

Our excellent curriculum is driven by four over-arching key themes, which we believe unlock the unique potential that all children at Gossops Green possess:

Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing 


During their time at Gossops Green, our children learn that they are highly valued and important. They are encouraged to develop their own opinions, ideas and thoughts, whether this be about local or school issues or events in the wider world. They learn that their bodies and minds are unique, amazing creations which need to be looked after and nurtured so that they can perform to their best ability now and for a whole lifetime.

Our children are enabled to express their feelings, beliefs, show empathy for others and be aware of their own physical and emotional wellbeing. They learn to develop resilience and an inner strength to manage their feelings and cope with the many challenges they may face. Ultimately, our children learn to appreciate their own strengths and attributes, to be proud of who they are, their communities and heritage and to take joy from the lives they experience.

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding

Our children experience an exciting, creative and ambitious curriculum which develops not only their academic knowledge but essential skills such as reasoning, problem solving and academic perseverance. Our bespoke Gossops Green Curriculum Maps ensure that learning is carefully sequenced so that children’s learning is linked to what has gone before and built upon. This ensures that knowledge moves to long-term memory so that children retain a deeper understanding of all they are taught.

Our children become confident communicators who aspire to read widely, develop maths fluency and are able to articulate their knowledge across a wide range of subjects. In an ever-changing world, they understand and use digital platforms with sensitivity, intelligence and full awareness of technology’s power to enhance communication.

Belonging – Local and Global

Our children learn to develop an appreciation of others; their needs, beliefs, values and cultures. This empowers them to challenge stereotypes, bias and discrimination. Our children are taught to be proactive in addressing inequalities and they learn to recognise that they have the agency to make a difference. They recognise that all positive change starts with one small step and that working together as a team is often more effective than trying to work as an individual.

Our children are taught the importance of contributing positively to the local and wider community and understand the concept of collective responsibility for their class, their school and the wider world beyond Gossops Green.


Our children learn that their time at our school is just the beginning of a lifelong, educational journey. They are taught to value learning in all its many guises, from academic knowledge to learning how to lead a team, to problem solve, to work independently and to be resilient in the face of disappointment and not let this ever define their future.

Ultimately, our children learn to be critical thinkers, questioning and evaluating the world around them and leaving Gossops Green with a thirst for knowledge, quizzical minds and a life-long love of learning.

Our Curriculum Topics

Our curriculum is taught through termly topics, where the children get the chance to immerse themselves in their learning. Our current topics are below. Click on the pictures to be taken to the parent overview:


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Marvellous Me!

Our Wonderful World

Growing and Changing

Year 1

Rails, Wheels and Wings

Moon Zoom

Plant It, Grow It, Eat It

Year 2

Fire! Fire!

Amazing Animals

Beside the Seaside

Year 3

Hunters and Gatherers

Awesome Earth

It’s all Greek to Me!

Year 4

I am Warrior

Burps, Bottoms and Bile

Traders, Raiders and Invaders

Year 5

Ancient Egypt

Children of the Quicksands


Year 6

World War Two



Memorable Experiences

Throughout their time at Gossops Green, our children have access to a wide variety of memorable experiences to inspire and enthuse them. Some of the experiences the children enjoyed last year are below. Please click on the picture below to enlarge it.