We were overwhelmed by the many, many wonderful entries for the Writing Competition this month, but we have finally managed to narrow it down to a KS1 and KS2 winner.

Remember everyone who entered should put up 10 house points! Since the entries were such high-quality, we eventually narrowed it down to the following children:


Runners-Up (KS1 and KS2) 

Eshaal (Holly Class)

Anabel (Willow Class)

Annabel (Robin Class)Reuben (Kingfisher Class)

Henry (Robin Class)

Nicole (Kingfisher Class)

Wynter (3HB)

Harlow (5RB)

Tilly (6RM)


Winning entry (KS1) 

Kaisan (Kingfisher Class)


Winning entry (KS2) 

Georgios (6AH)


Well done to everyone who entered! All other entries will be shared in class, but check out our two fantastic winning entries here!