In March and April in the Tesco Stores below, every time you make a purchase you will be given a blue token to vote for a local charity project.

Last month, our school was chosen to take part and if we win, we will receive £4000 to build our Edible Garden. Please get voting!

Stores to vote in:-

Crawley Extra, Hazelwick  RH10 1GY (Three Bridges)
Crawley Betts Way Express RH10 9UY (Astral Towers, County Oak)
Crawley Haslett Avenue  Express RH10 1AH (Pembroke Park – near Harvester)
Crawley Pound Hill Express RH10 3BA (Peterhouse Parade)
Crawley Downland Drive Express RH11 8SW (Southgate)
Crawley, Ifield Express, RH11 0PL (Ifield West)