Our first Buster’s Book Club class winners were announced in assemblies on Friday. 

In EYFS, 69% of Willow Class (RRN) read for ten minutes or more on Wednesday evening. 
In Year 1, 69% of Lavender Class (1HL) read for ten minutes or more.
In Year 2, 67% of Robin Class (2FM) read for ten minutes or more.

Each of these classes were given Buster the Teddy to look after for the week. 

In KS2 (Years 3 to 6) 80% of Tolkien Class (5RB) read for twenty minutes or more, making Tolkien the top reading class, not only in KS2 but in the whole school! 

The class were awarded the Buster Book Club trophy – Well Done Tolkien!

Which classes will win this week? 

The challenge is on the beat the classes above, so make sure that you are reading your target minutes on Wednesday and remember to bring your bookmark back to school. If it’s not here on Thursday morning, we cannot include your time in the the class total.