Thank you to all of the parents and carers who are listening to, or reading with, their child each week and recording this on their child’s Buster Bookmark on a Wednesday. Remember to bring the bookmarks into school on a Thursday, otherwise the reading won’t be included in the class total. 

This week, the most improved classes in Key Stage 2 were Bronte (6BB) and Austen (5/6WL) classes, with over 80% of children reading and meeting their target – well done! Tolkien class (5RB) continue to impress with 100% of children meeting their reading target and an amazing 86% exceeding it! The older children are setting a fantastic example to the younger children in the school. 

All three Reception classes were low this week, not because they didn’t read, but because many children forgot to bring bookmarks to school on Thursday due to the Godstone Farm trip on the same day! Hopefully, Reception will be back to top form next week. 

Sadly, some classes had less than 50% of children recording their reading, with one class a worrying 27%. Reading with or reading to your child is the one most significant thing a parent or carer can do. It has the biggest impact on children’s future life success, more than having the latest electronic gadgets, computer games, phone, holidays abroad or the best toys and all it ‘costs’ is a small amount of your time. Please make a difference, hear your child read or read a story to your child and record that you’ve done this. 

Thank you