The Science Curriculum focuses on: 

  • Questioning

What happened after….? Can you name the ….? What happened before….?  Who was it that….?  When did…take place?

  • Observing

What differences/similarities exist between…?  What do you think is happening and what might next?  Can you provide an example/evidence to support your observations?  How did the observations change over time?

  • Testing

Can you identify your variables to test your line of enquiry?  What variables can you change?  How are you going to ensure your test is fair? What equipment do you think you will need?

  • Identifying and classifying

How can you group these together…?  What features are you going to use to classify these?   Why do you think….?  What do …have in common/not in common?

  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Do your conclusions support your prediction? What conclusions can you drawn from this investigation? Can you notice any patterns or trends? What would you change next time? What would you investigate next?