The Religious Education (RE) Curriculum focuses on: 

What is religion? What do we mean when we talk about religion?  Is religion important?  Why?  Are beliefs and values important?  Why?  What are religious viewpoints and beliefs?  Why do people have them?  What about people who don’t?  Why do people have beliefs and values?

  • Belonging and identity

What is important to you? What is important to others?  Why is this special?  To you? To them?  What is the same and different for this person?  That person?  You?  What do you understand about…?  Why do you do that?  Why do they do that?  Why does your/their family do that?  What relationships are important to you/them?  Why?

  • Knowledge and understanding

What do they do?  Why do they do that?  What practices can be found in…?  What artefacts are used by…?  What are the symbols associated with…? What do they believe?  How do they show that?  What are the main beliefs of…?

  • Big questions – expressing and engaging

What questions do you have about…?  Why do you believe that?  Why do they believe that?  How can you show that?  What are the similarities between…? What do you think about…?  Why do you think that?  What questions would you like to ask a Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Jew…?  What answer do you think a religious person might have for that? Why?   How does their belief affect their thoughts on…?  How do your current beliefs affect your thoughts on…?

  • People of influence/inspirational people

Why have they chosen this way of life?  What influences them?  How might they influence others?  Including you?  What do you find interesting about their choices?  Do they have any beliefs?  How do their beliefs make a difference to the things that they do?