We teach early reading through a scheme called Read Write Inc. Phonics. This scheme is in use in over 8000 schools across the country and provides children with a rigorous, consistent and high quality synthetic phonics knowledge. All children in Reception and Key Stage 1 receive daily Read Write Inc phonics sessions. 

Read Write Inc starts in Reception, where pupils are taught all of the sounds in Set 1. These are the pure sounds that match the letters of the alphabet. Children are taught in their classes and learn a sound each day. They learn to match each sound to the letter and then to blend sounds together to make words. 

As children become more confident with these letter sounds, they will start to learn sounds in Set 2 and Set 3. These are known as ‘Special Friends’ and are a combination of two of three letters representing one sound, e.g. ck, ay, igh, oa. At this point, children are moved into phonics groups which will focus on the specific sounds that they still need to learn. Read Write Inc sessions are fun and involve lots of repetition and embedding of reading and writing skills.