The History Curriculum focuses on: 

  • Chronology

Time-lines and sequencing events but understanding how those sequences can be traced back to each other

What happened after….? Can you name the ….? What happened before….?  Who was it that….?  When did…take place?

Change and continuity

Similarities and differences within times as well as across periods

What differences/similarities exist between…?  What do you think could have happened next?  Can you provide an example/evidence to support what you mean? 

How did this change over ..?

Characteristic features

How we recognise the defining features of a period or event through physical features, such as dress, architecture, transport, and the ideas that shape the period

What are the particular features of …?     Why was …. important/significant?      Can you describe …. and its purpose?

  • Cause and consequence

Why things happened and the effect that these events then provoked: the ripple through time.

What was the impact of …?    How did ….. change because of this?   What might have happened if …?    Why do you think…?

  • Counter-argument or historical interpretation

An awareness that there can be different versions of the same event, that history is about fact, bias and point of view.

Can you compare the different versions?   What might someone at the time have thought compared to what we think today?   How do we know what is fact, bias or point of view?