The Design Technology (DT) Curriculum focusses on: 


Researching and applying knowledge to your own design
What do you notice? What tools do you think were used? What materials have been used? Why has the designer used…? How could you apply this to your model? What is the purpose of your product? Who are you creating this for? Why are you creating it? How could you make it look appealing? Which design do you like the most…Why? What challenges might you face? Why have you selected the particular materials/tools?


Using a range of materials and choosing appropriate tools and joining methods

What tools and materials will you need? How could you join them together? Have you followed your design criteria… if not, why not? Have you followed safety rules?


Recognising the specific features of an existing product and how it has shaped the world. Evaluating a product and the design process of own creations.

What are the particular features of …? Why is …. important/significant? Can you describe ….. and its purpose? Can you compare the different versions?   What went well? What would you improve if you could make it again? What challenges did you face? How did you overcome these challenges? Does is fulfil its design purpose?

Technical Knowledge

Understanding of strengthening structures, mechanical systems, electrical systems and computing. Applying this knowledge to own designs. What was the impact of …?    How did …. change because of this?   What might have happened if …?  Why do you think..?

Cooking and Nutrition

Understanding where food comes from, performing basic hygiene and using a range of cooking techniques

How can you be safe? What do you need to look out for when handling food? Where do you think…comes from? How is… made? Can you identify the seasons in which they grow?