The Art Curriculum focusses on:

  • Exploring and developing ideas

Which effect did you like do you think you could achieve from…    What title would you give this/your artwork?    What would you change and why?    What could you add next?   What medium do you think would work best?   How else could you join the materials?   What techniques could you use from… What challenges might there be?   Which tool/technique is most effective for this medium?

  • Evaluating and developing work

Why do you think the artist chose…   What emotion do you think this painting/sculpture/drawing etc. shows…   Can you describe the lines in the artwork?   What technique has the artist used?   What was your initial opinion about the artwork when you first saw it?    What medium has the artist used?    What would you change and why?    What worked well and why?   Can you compare the two artworks/artists?  What is the journey/process?  What might be the inspiration?

  • Using and exploring mediums

What worked best?   How could you apply… How could you create (line, tone, texture, pattern, shape)… What tools do you need to… Can you use the same technique as the artist?  What challenges might you face?  How will you overcome them? 


In each topic, children also study one or more key artists who are proponents of the genre, style or technique being studied.